Our Story

  • My name is Danny, owner and founder of Sonny’s Boxing. While most of you know me as a prankster, perfectionist, or hard worker, I want you to know what this gym truly means to me. When first signing the lease, a lot of emotions went through my body. Nervousness, excitement, pressure, and happiness. Being a perfectionist, it needed to be EXACTLY what I envisioned. The vision I had upon opening the gym in my son's name was one of a family environment. One where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. One where strangers become friends and friends become family. One where everyone is picking each other up no matter age, size, color, or where you are from. One where we all laugh together, bleed together, sweat together, and cry together. One where the toughest kid in the gym is seen helping the little ten year old that’s getting bullied at school with his jab. Not because he’s asked, but because he genuinely cares. Then seeing that same 10 year old three months later no longer walking through our doors with his head down, but with a Swag. So one year later, did my vision and dream come to fruition? MORE THAN I COULD’VE EVER IMAGINED!!! We have trained children needing confidence, single moms needing an outlet, children with special needs, grandparents looking to scratch boxing off their bucket list, cancer fighters, rough and rowdy competitors, New England champs, and NCAA Champs. What do they all have in common? Every single person is family to us and to each other!!! That was the dream. An old friend once told me, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well I have never loved or been more passionate about what I do. I would like to thank all our Sonny’s Loyalists, my friends, and family. Thank you for believing in my dream.

    WE NOT ME!!!!!!